We have used this service for our gutters for many years now. They always do a good job, sometimes going above and beyond what is expected. Everyone we have met in this company had been friendly and helpful, from the guys who come to the house, to the office personnel and the owner. They are a great example of why small businesses are so vital to our economy and a top option for quality service.

Architectural Classics

Architectural Classics


Richly detailed Architectural Classics® vinyl accent panels are designed using historically accurate patterns and dimensions. They're made to provide all the luxurious beauty of traditional wood shingle siding installations, without the required maintenance.

Architectural Scallops
A graceful 5" curve and full 6" exposure, along with deep shadow lines, help define the siding contours for outstanding visual appeal.

Architectural Shakes
During production, 80 different molds created from actual cedar shakes are grouped randomly, producing patterns characterized by mixed grain textures, varying widths and staggered joint lines. It's the true look of carpenter-installed natural shake siding. A traditional 7" exposure and deep shadow lines add striking beauty and distinction.

Architectural Staggered Shakes
The uneven pattern and rough-sawn look of these shakes make them appear handcrafted. And they are, not by a carpenter, but by our artisan mold makers. The deep cedar grain texture of these 10" exposure and 5' panels can give your home the rustic charm you've been looking for – without the maintenance of wood.

Architectural Shingles
This modern take on an American classic has a naturally textured surface and edge and is available in a single 7" exposure. You can even see the random marks of a mill saw.

Product Specifics
Profile: Scallop
Exposure: Single 6”
Butt Edge: 5/8”
Texture: Cedar
Colors: 6

Profile: Shake
Exposure: Single 7”
Butt Edge: 3/4”
Texture: Cedar
Colors: 12

Profile: Staggered Shake
Exposure: Single 10”
Butt Edge: 1”
Texture: Deep Cedar
Colors: 6

Profile: Shingle
Exposure: Single 7”
Butt Edge: 5/8”
Texture: Milled Cedar
Colors: 6

Scallops Scallops
Shakes Shingles
Staggered Shakes

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