We have used this service for our gutters for many years now. They always do a good job, sometimes going above and beyond what is expected. Everyone we have met in this company had been friendly and helpful, from the guys who come to the house, to the office personnel and the owner. They are a great example of why small businesses are so vital to our economy and a top option for quality service.

Cedar Pride Siding

Cedar Pride Siding

Cedar Pride Siding

Nailite is proud to introduce a new vinyl home siding panel that looks more like natural cedar than any other competitive product on the market. Incredibly authentic to the eye and to the touch. Nailite's Cedar Pride exhibits the realistic look of staggered split shake exterior siding.

Each vinyl shingle is dramatically grained and deeply textured. The random shingle pattern of varied widths, depths, textures and edges creates a handmade look that you can only get from molded, polypropylene siding. And because it's by Nailite, you can be assured the exterior siding is always high quality and low maintenance.

Cedar Pride is available in 12 colors under the Classic Series shown on the left. Also available in Weathered Series (Antique Gray, Sunset Cedar and Harvest Cedar), please ask customer service for further information. Colors may appear differently due to individual computer settings. Please order vinyl siding samples to ensure accuracy.

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