We have used this service for our gutters for many years now. They always do a good job, sometimes going above and beyond what is expected. Everyone we have met in this company had been friendly and helpful, from the guys who come to the house, to the office personnel and the owner. They are a great example of why small businesses are so vital to our economy and a top option for quality service.



DR CONTRACTORS has been painting in Indianapolis for five years and believe we have done our homework when it comes to this service. Whether it's interior or exterior the only supplier we use is Sherwin Williams.

The most common exterior line we recommend is Duration. We recommend this product because of it's durability and performance. The most common interior line we use is promar-200, 0-VOC's. We only use Sherwin Williams because they are the only paint supplier that mills their own product from start to finish. This means from the oil out of the ground to create the product to the can off the shelf it is all handled by the same company. DR Contractors Painting Indianapolis

Also Sherwin Williams is the largest manufacturer of paint in the world. We have worked very closely with Sherwin Williams Reps in the last five years asking questions about product recommendations, preparation techniques coverage amounts and application specifications.

We believe after the research completed by DR CONTRACTORS we can offer the highest quality of service to our customers. We strongly believe sixty percent of a quality paint job is completed prior to the topcoat. This means from the prep work to the sealants used by DR CONTRACTORS we believe we can greatly extend the longevity of your home life. One of the differences with our company is the use of Shermax Sealant in place of latex caulk, we use this product extend the longevity of the topcoat. The topcoat, Duration is a "Life time" acrylic but again we believe nothing lasts forever on your home and recommend you visit our supplier's site for warranty information. DR CONTRACTORS recommends potential clients to stay away from "Life time" coating companies that charge thousands more to complete the same paint job. Many of these permanent coating companies are using Sherwin William's products with a bonding primer as an additional step. Painting Indianapolis

These companies simply change the manufacturer's labels to sell the client on their own product, but in reality the product they are using many times is Sherwin Williams. Also just ask or do the research to see if the "permanent" coating company you may potentially use has had a lawsuit in the last ten years. Many of them have had judgments.

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