We have used this service for our gutters for many years now. They always do a good job, sometimes going above and beyond what is expected. Everyone we have met in this company had been friendly and helpful, from the guys who come to the house, to the office personnel and the owner. They are a great example of why small businesses are so vital to our economy and a top option for quality service.

Gutter Protection

Gutter Protection

When it comes to gutter protection, the big questions you may be asking:

  • Is it worth the investment?
  • Which system is right for my home?
  • Does it really work?

Well here are the answers. In Indiana there are two gutter cleaning seasons, one in the spring (June-early July) and one in the fall (October-November). Many home owners do not think about gutter cleaning until they have a problem and often times it’s too late. So unless you’re the type of home owner that regularly checks the gutter system to see if it is functioning properly, yes you need protection.

Do you know your home’s biggest enemy?
Answer: Water.
What is the purpose of your gutter system? To move water safely away from the home. The protection systems DR Contractors offer give you the peace of mind nothing will disrupt the functionality of the gutter system between maintenance’s. DR Contractors offers several types of gutter protection systems to fit your home’s needs and your budget as well.

The most common system DR Contractors installs is the Hallett Solid Gutter Cover. If installed correctly, this system works well on about 90% of homes here in Indiana. Hallett has been in business since 1995 and has a great ownership and customer service.

The other system DR Contractors offers is Leafree. Leafree is a more modern panel and engineered a bit better than Hallett. Both systems work by an engineering theory called surface tension. This simply means once the panel gets wet it actually sucks the water into the gutter system.

The biggest difference between these two systems is the gauge of aluminum used to make the product and the amount of water the panel can obtain at the gutter line. Hallett is composed of .019 gauge aluminum (equivalent to your downspouts) and will obtain 6 inches of rain per hour. The Leafree panel is composed of .027 gauge aluminum (same as your gutter) and will obtain 20 inches of rain per hour at the gutter line. DR Contractors also offers several types of gutter screens and hybrids. The hybrids are crossover panels combining both solid protection and screen protection. If your downspouts drain into sub drains it is strongly recommended you invest in a protection system.

Drop In Panels:
DR Contractors only offers drop in gutter protection. This is a term used to describe how the system is installed. “Drop in” simply means the panel installs under the roof shingle. DR Contractors encourages homeowners to stay away from systems that install through the shingle with screws and rubber washers. It is our experience the rubber washers dry rot and eventually cause leaking through the roof.

If I have a gutter protection system installed do I have to clean my gutters?
Answer: Yes.
It is DR Contractors opinion there is no system that is 100% maintenance free. If the salesman or company says their system is maintenance free be sure to get it in writing and make sure they have been in business for at least five years with no judgments. With any gutter protection system from DR Contractors comes a maintenance plan.

The home owner is under no contract to have the system maintenance but if we install a protection system and call you for maintenance and you say no, the next time we do maintenance on the system it will cost more. The maintenance system works as follows. Once the new protection system is installed we ask you to allow us out twice the first year for maintenance. This is to determine if you will be a once or twice a year maintenance client. This is also to determine if you will need maintenance in the spring more than the fall or vice versa. About 85% of our protection clients are once a year but we need to come out twice the first year to determine if maintenance is needed more in the spring or fall. We will call you prior to the cleaning season to remind you it’s time for maintenance. The maintenance cost is substantially less than a regular cleaning, ask for details.

Does a gutter protection system pay off in the long run?
Answer: Yes.
If you are going to be in the home for more than five years the system really pays for itself. Figure if it costs $150 per cleaning, two to three times per year. Over five years that’s a $2,250 investment. Most gutter protection systems can be installed for around this price. When your home goes up for appraisal, the protection system often raises the value of the home $1,500-$3,500. It also shows the new buyer that you are proactive when it comes to the gutter system.


Schedule Live Estimate TodayPricing is simply determined by the total linear footage of you gutter system. Pictometry allows DR Contractors to measure your home with exceptional accuracy without coming to your home. Please allow us the opportunity to demonstrate this technology and provide you a reasonable estimate.


DR Contractors does not charge an arm and a leg for this service, We have no high pressure salesman or overhead when it comes to gutter protection. We install miles and miles of gutter protection each year which means we get great pricing from our manufacturers, which means we pass it on to our homeowners. Please schedule an estimate today.

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