This service is one of the most difficult decisions a home owner has to make. Do I use vinyl, wood or cement board? DR CONTRACTORS has the experience to recommend the correct application to fit your home and budget. Siding indianapoli

Many times we recommend, if possible, restoring your existing home to its original state. For vinyl siding we use only Alside and Nail-lite. Alside offers premium products with unmatched warranties. From horizontal siding to vertical applications, Alside has a product to fit your needs and budget.

DR CONTRACTORS often recommends Charter Oak when it comes to a non insulated panel. We believe this product is unmatched in its final appearance and energy efficiency. Nail-lite is commonly used for specialty applications such as scallops, cedar shake and brick applications.

Wood siding is a great choice for a homeowner due to its many styles and overall look on your home. Many homeowners try to shy away from wood applications due to the maintenance. Wood siding can often perform as long as or longer than other applications if properly maintained. Maintenance includes pressure washing and caulking, painting. The number one failure of wood siding is improper caulking.

When the water penetrates the seam where wood meets wood the integrity of the panel is often compromised. Cement paneling is a great choice for a home due to the relatively low maintenance and durability. The maintenance includes caulking and painting the panel upon installation. Unlike regular wood siding this application will hold up much longer between maintenance but is not maintenance free. Cement paneling will break down and deteriorate if not properly maintained.