DR CONTRACTORS uses two suppliers for this service; Alside and American Window. Alside has been in business since 1954 and is the largest supplier of vinyl windows in the country. If you ask for and estimate from one of our competitors three out of five will show you an Alside window.

There are four main lines of replacement windows to fit just about any budget. All windows will be custom made to fit your home. Color options are a bit limited to white, beige and brown on the exterior and wood grain options available for the interior.

American window has been in business since 1982 and in the Indianapolis market since 1996. This company also has a wide variety of windows to fit your budget, but has an Ameri color option to match any color requested on the windows ordered. There are additional costs applied to this process but DR CONTRACTORS uses this supplier to give our customers more color options.

When choosing your contracting firm forthis service we believe in "no pressure sales". This means we will not be at your home with a flip book presentation and asking for a decision the same day.

David Rhodes firmly does not believe in pressured sales and in a decision and investment like this we understand it will take some time time and research before choosing your contracting firm. Estimates are usually given via email after the measurement has been made. DR CONTRACTORS has access to just about any other supplier and manufacturer, so if you are set on another window please don't hesitate to get a price.

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