We have used this service for our gutters for many years now. They always do a good job, sometimes going above and beyond what is expected. Everyone we have met in this company had been friendly and helpful, from the guys who come to the house, to the office personnel and the owner. They are a great example of why small businesses are so vital to our economy and a top option for quality service.

Satinwood Variegated

Satinwood Variegated


Alside's Satinwood® Variegated steel siding is manufactured with a double 5" architectual face. This universal, horizontal profile is suitable for nearly every style of home, and is a consistant performer in even the most severe climate. As part of the Alside Steel Collection, Satinwood Variegated represents the rich tradition of steel siding construction that will not rot, flake, crack, rust, or chip. Satinwood Variegated siding's heavy-duty construction hides wall imperfections, and it's corrosion-resistant and noncombustible properties add to your home's protection and peace-of-mind.

Satinwood Variegated is available in four multi-toned colors, each representing the genuine look of stained cedar. A unique manufacturing process provides a non-repeating woodgrain pattern for a realistic wood-like appearance.

Just as important, when you specify Satinwood Variegated, your siding is backed by our Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty*  including a 50-year hail protection guarantee, and more than 50 years of Alside's leadership and innovation in the building products industry.


*See printed warranty for complete details

Satinwood Variegated Features
* Genuine look of stained cedar
* 5" exposure width in a clapboard
* Low-gloss finish for the appearance    of freshly painted wood
* Available in 4 multi-tone colors
* Heavy-duty, galvanized steel    construction
* Lifetime, limited warranty

Product Specifics
Profile: 5" Clapboard
Exposure: Double 5"
Texture: Natural woodgrain
Colors: 4

Exterior Detail 5" Double
Poplar Southern Pecan
Sycamore Winter Oak

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